We believe that by creating Favourite Meeting Places we can also create value for society and our company. We want to maximise the positive impact we have on society, whether through urban regeneration or improving the well-being of the community, by giving our centres a vital and meaningful role in the catchment area they operate in.


We are convinced that CSR is crucial in executing this FMP strategy. We believe that CSR helps us to truly connect with consumers and anticipates their changing demands and needs. It deepens the relationship with retailers, often having sustainability goals of their own. It enables us to provide our employees a sound working environment, where they can get the best out of themselves. It makes our centres contribute to the society by minimising our impact on the environment and maximising our social and economic impact. In other words, operating responsible makes us a more attractive company. Our Favourite Meeting Places simply cannot meet their definition when they are not managed in a conscious and sustainable way.
In the end CSR is all about the impact of our centres on the lives of consumers, the success of tenants, the quality of our portfolio and the wellbeing of society. Our Favourite Meeting Places, or FMP strategy, is the means to realise that.

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