With CSR we enhance the competitiveness of our company while advancing economic and social conditions in the communities in which we operate.

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The retail environment is changing rapidly. The market is moving from being supply-driven to demand-driven. Retail is evolving from a shopping experience to a social experience. And sustainability is increasingly being integrated in daily life. We are adapting to these new realities. Our skills, combined with technological opportunities, are enabling us to create something new. To create places where people connect with shopping centres and with each other: places where individuals can relax, socialise, feel at home and be inspired.

We are convinced that CSR is crucial in executing this strategy. We believe that CSR helps us to truly connect with consumers, especially in the rapidly changing world we live in today. It helps us to work together with our retailers in an innovative way. It enables us to provide our employees a sound working environment, where they can get the best out of themselves. It makes our centres contribute to the society by minimising our impact on the environment and maximising our social and economic impact. In other words, operating responsible makes us a more attractive company. Our Favourite Meeting Places simply cannot meet their definition when they are not managed in a conscious and sustainable way.

We hope that you find the content of our CSR Report and our CSR Website informative, engaging and interesting. If you would like to comment on any aspects please complete our feedback form below. We use this stakeholder feedback to improve the way that we run our business and to refine our approach to CSR.

You can find the feedback form here.