With CSR we enhance the competitiveness of our company while advancing economic and social conditions in the communities in which we operate.

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Highlights from sustainability awards, granted to Corio in recent years:

SIEC (Salon International des équipements commerciaux) 2013
- Sustainable involvement award for Grand Littoral (Marseille, France)

ICSC Solal marketing award 2013
- Corio Nederland for organisation of “Mums with guts” in the category ‘Cause Related Marketing’.

- Grand Littoral operates an extensive sustainable program which was recognised by the CNCC.

- Corio N.V. wins Jones Lange Lasalle Green Brick award. The green brick is a reward for the most sustainable real estate investor of the year.

AECC (Spanish Association of Shopping Centres) silver medal
Gran Turia centre, Valencia, Spain for project ‘Puente Xirivella’

ICSC Recourse award

- Forum Duisburg

Republic president degree
- Campania, Naples, Italy for project ‘Fondazione per lo Sviluppo’

CSR award for waste recycling
- Grand Littoral, Marseille, France

Mercasa innovation award
- Markthal, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Italian green economy award Rimini
- Campania, Naples, Italy for project ‘Ecomondo’

CNCC Award
- Centre 2, France

European Safety Award
- Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht, Netherlands

Hein Roethof Award
- Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht, Netherlands

NCC Quality Award
- Globo, Busnago, Italy
- Le Gru, Turin, Italy

ICSC Community relations award
- Le Gru, Turin, Italy

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