The world around us is changing more rapidly than ever before. Not just in terms of sustainability and technology, but also in terms of consumer behaviour and shopping trends. We want to be at the forefront in applying these new developments to our shopping centres. To that end we offer a lot of room for initiative and for the translation of ideas into practical applications. We expect our employees to take responsibility in taking initiative. The ability to change gears fast, make decisions, get other people enthusiastic and on board: these are important qualities at Corio.

Favoriete meeting places

Leadership and our culture

Corio as an employer
Our people are our future and future leaders need to be developed and inspired continuously. We want to be recognised and acknowledged by professionals as a desirable employer. We want to be an organisation where people can get the most out of themselves, where human talent can develop.  

Company core values
The core values as below translate into the way we do business with our customers, shareholders and other business partners, and also in the way we deal with one another within Corio. Working together produces the best ideas and ideas are essential for Corio’s future.

Our approach to challenging issues is not to apply predetermined solutions but rather to tackle them in a cooperative way, using our collective experience. We share these experiences for example upon accepting a job at Corio: new colleagues at Corio Nederland and Corio N.V. receive a so called guidance programme in which they speak to representatives of all departments, getting a good overview of the organisation’s mission, culture, best practices and values.