Corio is a retail property company. Our core business is to create favourite meeting places by selecting, developing, and operating shopping centres in europe. Our vision is to create popular meeting places where people want to return to shop, relax and socialise.


The retail environment is changing rapidly. Retail is evolving from a shopping experience to a social experience. And sustainability is increasingly part of our daily life. Corio is adapting to these new realities. Our skills, combined with technological opportunities, are enabling us to create something new. To create places where people connect with our centres and with each other: places where individuals can relax, socialise, feel at home and be inspired. 

Our mission is to meet the changing needs and demands of consumers by continuously adapting our centres and taking advantage of our position as a leading European retail property company.  

Since the old days people have been going to markets not just to fulfil basic needs, but to participate in a communal experience with others and to share experiences. To get news, ideas and education, to escape from daily life and feel a sense of community. 

Today, in an increasingly urban and commercialised world, where traditional social institutions are in decline at the expense of a networking society, social reality is being re-defined: we believe our purpose is to contribute by creating meaningful places where people want to meet. Favourite Meeting Places is our answer to changing demands. It is all about moving from the rental of square metres to giving meaning; reinventing the shopping experience. From thinking in terms of channels to thinking in terms of customers. From products to solutions. From a traditional retail centre to a vibrant destination that enriches consumer lives, and takes care of and serves people and their community.


  • Team up with retailers that are best in class and help them outperform
  • Be shortlisted by municipalities in developing large-scale, city centre projects
  • Be a top environmental and social performer among sector peers
  • Sustain a strong financial profile
  • Provide investors with access to high quality retail property exposure in continental Europe’s main markets
  • Be a preferred employer for professionals