Corio is committed to identifying and collaboratively engaging with key stakeholders to understand, meet and respond to their needs. At the same time we are constantly refining our value proposition to remain attractive and valuable to them.

To continuously improve our management and operation of the centres, we engage with a wide variety of stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement takes place on various levels and in various forms within Corio. We intend to continuously improve our engagement process, making it more structural and able to integrate stakeholder responses into our strategy and management.

In addition to the improvements as mentioned in the stakeholder engagement matrix, a stakeholder dialogue process will be organised on group level in 2012, alongside the implementation of the best practices arising from the stakeholder engagement framework AA1000. Responses from this dialogue will be communicated transparently in the course of the year.

We identify the following stakeholders:
• Consumers and visitors
• Communities, including local authorities, inhabitants and entrepreneurs
• Employees
• Tenants
• Shareholders, investors and lenders
• Suppliers

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Stakeholder engagement table

We use stakeholder feedback to improve the way that we run our business and to refine our approach to CSR and therfore we ask you to fill out the form as below.

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