Sustainability risks

  • Management risks: Corio’s sustainability targets are set centrally and reviewed regularly together with the business units to ensure that they are feasible and realistic but also meet our company objectives. Corio’s decentralised business model allows the business units to execute strategy in accordance with local requirements, which is a mitigating factor.
  • Regulatory risks are managed by monitoring changes in relevant legislation and tenant/sector demands on CSR. Corio strives to run its business in compliance with current (and future) laws and regulations and in a transparent way. We are conscious of the economic benefits of greater environmental efficiency and thus take advantage of any available subsidies and generally seek to reduce operating costs where possible.
  • Physical risks: These are taken into account as part of the investment decision and decisions on the insurance coverage. For existing shopping centres, where possible adjustments are made to meet the changing demands of tenants and visitors as a result of climate change.
  • Social risks: Corio is aware of the impact a CSR policy can have on investors, consumers, tenants,  employees and other stakeholders and therefore communicates this in order to manage perceptions and expectations.

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