In addition to the regulations concerning the Supervisory Board, Management Board and General Meeting of Shareholders Corio also has regulations such as the Code of Conduct, the Compliance Code and the Rules on dealing with suspected abuse. To comply with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code and to enhance the overall transparency the aforementioned regulations, amongst others, can be found below.

"The Dutch Financial Markets Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht) has been amended further to implementation of the European Directive 2011/61/EU on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (the "AIFMD"). Pursuant to this amendment, Corio is no longer an investment institution within the meaning of the Dutch Financial Markets Supervision Act, whereby the current license will not by operation of law be converted as of 22 July 2014. As a result hereof, the license of Corio as investment institution ended as of 22 July 2014. The regulations applicable to listed companies, as amongst others laid down in the Dutch Financial Markets Supervision Act, continue to apply in full."

Annual document 2014
This document contains information that Corio has drawn up and made available to the public in the twelve months preceding the publication of the annual accounts. This Annual Document contains the aforementioned information for the period of 21 February 2013 up to and including 19 February 2014.

Extract trade register
English translation of an extract from the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce. This translation is administrated by the Chamber of Commerce for Utrecht en omstreken.

Articles of Association
Deed of amendment of the articles of association of Corio N.V.

Registration document
Registration document of Corio N.V.